Cable Management

Take a good look at your meeting room. Do you see a flexible, well-organized space that can be easily adapted to a wide range of uses? Or do you see a disorganized jumble of cords and cables running every which way, cluttering the floor and tables and creating a potential Health & Safety nightmare?

If chaos is what you see, then it’s probably time to consider our range of Meeting Room Solutions. We have an entire range of innovative, easy-to-install systems and products that have been designed to keep mains power, network communications and audio visual cords and cables neatly organized and safely contained.

Nothing detracts from sophisticated, multimedia conferences and presentations like seeing the unsightly cables and cords these technologies require. How often do you see professional looking, superbly fitted out boardroom or meeting rooms that obviously represent a major investment by the owners that just have really poor and often dangerous cable management with network, mains extension leads etc. snaking across floors       presenting a very real danger of trips & falls occurring.

At Greenwood’s we realised some time ago that audio visual suppliers were not really providing clients with adaptable cable management solutions for their AV systems and as a result we have now put together a comprehensive group of products that respond to the relevant issues and will compliment their audio visual equipment.

Each of the products can be used in conjunction with each other, added at any stage and adapted to your particular requirements.




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